My "WHy" For Supporting Healthy Products

You know that my story has brought me through many journey and ultimately my Wellness Story had to change. I had always known the importance of nutrition in my body to fuel my brain and inner workings. I also knew that my diagnosis and choices up until my breakthrough had left me in a state of illness, disease and over stimulation.

When my sister died suddenly from complication to Type 1 Diabetes and Heart Disease I knew that as a way of healing myself and my family I had to implement crucial changes in my life. I had to fight like hell to take back my life from the ravages of PTSD, I had to find the healing inside calming my Panic Disorder and finding new ways to cope and function, I also had to make drastic live changes to get my Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis under control and tip the scales and meter back down to safe levels of health. I needed to become the role model of living a healthy life looked like and I needed to change all of the learned patterns of my past & show the generations ahead of me how to implement a healthy lifestyle so the sorrows of our life never happened again!

I started a venture, to learn nutrition, eat whole foods, create movement and make healthy a natural habit instead of a dreaded choice. I have worked really hard to clean up my Wellness Story and one day in early 2019 a dear friend mentioned that I might want to take a look at the supplements and products offered by this wellness company that had been around for years, printed countless studies, was all natural and literally was changing the lives of families with supportive Wholefood Nutrition.

Yes, I was skeptical- again, I have tried it all! I didn’t want synthetics, I wanted support in it’s truest form. I wanted protein support that would not only help me balance my blood sugars- it would provide me we nutrition without the chalking after taste, sweetness and fillers!

I then dove deeply into redesigning the basics of what was fueling my family- I switched out high sodium packaged meal solutions for healthy, not chemically processed ones and fell back in love with creating a new nutrition story from this brand new lens of Wellness!


To this day I am taking all 3 Capsule Blends & The Omega you see below!

I also start each morning with my Complete Protein Shake and add it to my baking for all of my family to enjoy!

My personal results have been staggering!

The best is that my entire family is now taking these supplements and we have collectively erraticated many health concerns, diagnosis & ailments that had plagued us for years! We are getting over 30+ whole foods, veggies and fruit daily in addition to the healthy plates and choices we are making daily!

Throw away the synthetic vitamins and toxic omegas of the past!

These supplements are Real Food in Capsule with a Nutritional Label!

But we don’t stop there! Our Healthy Towers of Nutrition allow you to grow your own produce and fruit inside your house- no more chemicals, no more recalls and no more over produced/under nurished food supplies!

On average, families are saving hundreds of $$$ each month, gain food security and provide an endless bounty of nutrition within their own home!

Ask me about the family discount program and the ways in which you can share Wellness with everyone!

Here are my direct website links to check things out further!

Juice Plus & Complete Protein:

Juice Plus Healthy Tower Garden:

Epicure with Heather


It takes a village and I am committed to helping you get there with education and product proven to succeed!

Here’s To Wellness & Wholefood Support!



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