REWARD- Thriving within Fear Corporate Wellness Program


REWARD- Thriving within Fear Corporate Wellness Program



Let’s face it… the world as we know it has changed as business and personal life collide and we are expected to face new social and economical risks in order to survive inside of a pandemic it is important to recognize and create a safe space for your company to explore and manage the Mental Health & Wellness strain that your employee’s are facing each day.

REWARD-Thriving within Fear The Corporate Group Wellness & Mental Health Support Program has been designed to open the door of communication for decompression, compassion and validation This program is designed to introduce a variety of mainstream therapies for coping, self-regulation and mastery that allows individuals to move through the cycles of stress, worry and anxiety into a place of personal regulation, balance, and healing that leads them back into fully being engaged and connected in their life and workplace!

This 2 Hour Corporate Digital Wellness Program is designed to educate individuals on how to navigate workplace fear and anxiety they are trying to manage as they re-enter the workplace amid this global medical pandemic. It has been shown that when individuals are given the space to acknowledge and accept their feelings, emotions, and reactions instead of trying to ignore, stuff away or pretend like they are not affected a natural relaxation response is stimulated in the brain that amplifies logical thinking, responsive problem solving allowing for their nervous system to relax and process their workspace in a more open and receptive way.

Why this is of benefit to an employer and employee?

  • reduced workplace stress
  • reduces sick time call-offs
  • boosted staff morale
  • enhanced logical thinking & problem solving
  • greatly reduced risk of mental health and wellness incidents


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