The "No More Whispers" Digital Youth Development Series


The “No More Whispers” Digital Youth Development Series


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Our in-person learning and gathering opportunities may be halted right now… but the need to face these real feelings and experiences has never been more needed! We have pivoted in our teachings & learning offerings and I am very proud to be offering this exclusive development series as a resource to your curriculum and educational facility!  More often than not our youth are forced to face major life crises, anxiety, fear, confusion, and overwhelm alone… not because they don’t have support, but because they are not sure how to truly activate the chains of understanding. The secretly deal or get lost in the silence out of fear! Not here! We address the foundation of rising up, leaning in, and learning to speak with wisdom & understanding and build a solid foundation of resilience!

Now more than ever… we need to talk, to connect, and to explore the Reals & Feels of living in this new world! Each teacher or group leader will be provided with the Discovery Workbook that includes all of the Event Discovery Handouts, Exercises, and Takeaways in addition to the Digital Workshop in its entirety!  Within your bundle, we will also book your individual class roundtable Zoom call to explore the learnings, teachings, and conversations within the group and Coach Heather!

There are 4 Individual Workshops inside this series:

1. Who am I when… a look at what makes us who we are sparking conversation of who we want to be in this world.

2. Why do I feel like this… a look inside the many feelings that we face as we navigate the world around us. Teaching healthy ways to understand the ways in which we interact and emotionally communicate.

3. What makes me different… now fully knowing why we are leading this way… how can you shift it to truly shine fully in your world sharing your power in the world.

4. Learning to stand tall in my own shoes… this workshop is all about owning your own power, applying the confidence, and implementing all of the new techniques for confidence, courage, and strength!

Your classroom or community group will explore and build the foundation of connection and peace through interactively participating in the Themed Lessons, and exploring the variety of Healing and Coping Tools that are delivered inside of the various programs to explore!

Now more than ever… our kids need additional support to navigate their mental health, feelings, pressures, and daily expectations. This educational series promotes their inner strength, their power, and their voice to lead a positive and engaging life!

Programs are designed for youth age K-Grade12

***Each program is $797 CAD and includes all materials, handouts, and guides in addition to the actual recorded Workshop and scheduled Virtual Classroom Round Table.



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