Soul Speak Development & Healing Programs- Level One- I AM Healing


Soul Speak Development & Healing Programs- Level One- I AM Healing


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Soul Speak Development & Healing Discovery Programs

Do you find yourself lost, afraid, overwhelmed, or frozen in life? Do you have trouble connecting with the world around you, in relationships or friendships, and don’t know why? Our lives have been made up of experiences and depending on what you have exposed to in life… you lead your own life through the eyes of what you have learned!

There are 2 Parts to this exclusive Development Program that literally rewires the connection to your soul and who you are!

Level One- I AM Healing- Discovering the Why!

Do you really know what makes you tick? Who have you been led to believe you are? Do you struggle with connection- always putting yourself ahead of everyone else? Where did this person pleasing behavior begin? Is it really who you are?

In this 12 week program, we get to the basics of what makes you tick and create the space for you to really begin to develop the life you long to live! Through a variety of healing techniques, reprogramming, and awareness we will lay the foundation to a brand new version of yourself rooted deeply in the ground you walk filled with personal power!

Level Two- Becoming Me- The Journey Home

In this next 12 week program, we continue to build and grow the foundation of power and connection growing deep inside. This is a space for creation, for bravery and intention. We work together to cultivate the inner knowing of your deepening soul and its purpose in this life!

The cost for each Level of this Development Program is $1500 CAD  *Payment Plans are Available.*


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