It's My Life... Digital Discovery Workshop


It’s My Life… Digital Discovery Workshop


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Everybody needs to start somewhere! And it’s time to put yourself development first! These diverse exclusive digital bundles are designed to give you specific direction and tools to make an actionable change in your life in the following areas…

There are 6 Individual Workshops inside this series:

1. Building Self Esteem… how full is your personal cup of confidence? Where do you lack and where do you flourish?

2. Honoring Your Feelings… a look inside the many feelings that we face as we navigate the world around us. Teaching healthy ways to understand the ways in which we interact and emotionally communicate.

3. Stop Being Negative… when we feel hurt, scared, or sad we tend to present ourselves in the world as one who is jaded, cautious and our lens of perception is flawed. Learn to recognize how, why, and when this started.. then change it!

4. Learning to Love… this workshop is about the currency of Love and how it impacts our lives in deep and powerful ways. This is your chance to open your heart and fully expand into life and we will explore simple ways to make that happen.

5. Relaxation 101… 1.2.3… can you fully relax into your life? Do you run on adrenaline, can’t sit still or just be in the flow of life? Have you experienced anxiety, fear, or stress? Together we will learn the benefits of learning to surrender, create your own surrender plan, and explore the many therapeutic techniques and skills you can implement to find your Zen!

6. Power Tripping is The Key… When you walk your path in life from a place of connection you ignite a personal power that is unstoppable! You have courage, peace, and confidence to truly be the highest version of yourself! This workshop will explore all the ways we can connect, ignite, and build a foundation of strength, wisdom, and growth! Who might you become when the world is your oyster?

There is both a child version and an adult version

There are (6) Individual Programs as listed above.

Purchase By Course- Choose Youth or Adult Version

(Choose Which Programs You want in Your Discovery Call)

Your classroom or community group will explore and build the foundation of connection and peace through interactively participating in the Themed Lessons, and exploring the variety of Healing and Coping Tools that are delivered inside of the various programs to explore!

Now more than ever… our kids need additional support to navigate their mental health, feelings, pressures, and daily expectations. This educational series promotes their inner strength, their power, and their voice to lead a positive and engaging life!

Programs are designed for youth age K-Grade12, they are a stand-alone wellness program that enhances your own classroom or community group!

***Each program is $797 CAD per workshop and includes all materials, handouts, and guides in addition to the actual recorded Workshop and scheduled Virtual Classroom Round Table.



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