Individual Family Coaching Session - Let's Talk Bundle Pass


Individual Family Coaching Session – Let’s Talk Bundle Pass



Listen… no one ever gave us a book on how to parent our children and help them navigate all of the “Emotional Stress” the world they are now living in brings them every day! Today we are called to action to discuss things we feared and often ignored in our childhood like mental health, suicide, and addiction. As the everyday way of life these days, the conversations around how our kids are navigating this world is often hard, uncomfortable, and scary!

Now more than ever, our children and youth need to “hear us say” I got you, I understand how you must feel, how can I help you! Coach Heather works alongside families helping them rise up, reconnect, and build resilience for a safe, healthy life! All of this support is offered privately through a teaching lens of holistic wellness and connection that shows the importance and personal power a family can claim through the art of learning emotional intelligence that supports and empowers!

Each session is 45 mins and performed through Zoom while COVID restrictions are still in place.


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