The "No More Whispers" Youth Wellness Series


The “No More Whispers” Youth Wellness Series



There is no denying that the first response most of us revert to is silence when we are faced with a situation, crisis or challenge. For the most part as adults, we have learned through experience and understanding the healthy ways to navigate these self-regulatory challenges. Our children are not always equipped with this liberty and most often than not- clam up and hide away in avoidance out of fear of not knowing how to respond.

In this very special Talking Tour we are addressing this exact natural reaction to coping and role modeling new ways to rationalize, explore and creatively take action with confidence. No more hiding, no more whispers… its time to fully apply the power of our inner knowing and voice in a healthy and self-loving way for the greater good of the community, our people and our lives!

This is a 2 hr interactive speaking series and is open for all ages and can be modified to suit primary and secondary audiences!


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