The "I AM" Youth Workshop Series


The “I AM” Youth Workshop Series



Who are you? How many times have we been asked this question in our lifetime? I have stumbled on this question for most of my “growing into an adult” life and I remember the confusion, doubt and worry about giving an answer cause I had no idea! Oh, the pressure…

We all know that our true sense of worth and value is built on the experience we gain. And in turn, the depth of that learning is deeply impacted by our ability to process and navigate all of the “reals and feels” through our individual lens of understanding.

In this special series, we will get back to the basics of communication, listening and activating our intuitive “gut”. We will openly discuss the power of action & listening while redeveloping our natural ability to process with ease!

Who are you?

Profoundly Beautiful… I AM sure of that!


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