Eagle Wing Creators Circle Program


Eagle Wing Creators Circle Program



We have all been there… the hormones, the confusion of self, the overwhelm of society expectation! No wonder the first response of our young adults is to hide, to numb out and to avoid. Designed for ages 13-17 yrs this creators group explores and encourages resilience, communication, practical problem solving and peer support to cultivate independence & expansion. This program is one of empowerment and incorporates the sacred Grandfather Teachings as a tool of healing & connection for each individual participant to explore.

Sometimes we just need a safe place to land, to explore and to find the power of our individual voice! Life doesn’t always allow us this liberty and we find ourselves in isolation or overwhelmed. This is when the disconnect starts- where we stray as a means of survival at the first thing that makes us feel safe! As parents, we all know the signs!

This very special creator group has been developed to open the door of communication, unity, awareness, and safety! These are the next crucial stages preparing us for the adulting phase of our lives… how we have learned to process and regulate our emotions will indicate the path of progression into our next level of learning in life! Each week we open Sacred Medicine Circle, we will initiate Sacred Talking Stick and we will explore the 7 Grandfather Teaching of

Minwaadendamowin – Respect
Zaagidiwin – Love
Debwewin – Truth
 Aakodewewin – Bravery
Nibwaakawin – Wisdom
Miigwe’aadiziwin – Generosity
Dibaadendiziwin – Humility

This is a 3-week series.
Local locations will vary! Next sessions booking into early 2020.


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