Connected - Learning How To "Feel" Our Emotions Family Series


Connected – Learning How To “Feel” Our Emotions Family Series



Do you have a child who struggles with communication and flies off the handle?

Maybe you have a child that is timid and afraid?

Do you have a teenager that is withdrawn and combative at any given moment?

Do you struggle with expressing your feelings about the things life throws at you resulting in arguments and fights with your children to follow your direction?

Too many times we find ourselves at an Emotional Crossroads with our children & teenagers!

What if we could change this “Ego Dance” with each other and communicate in a whole new way!

Don’t Sweat IT!

We are all humans living a life of learning- the fact that you are checking this out means that you are ready to create a new way of Healthy Communicating that makes an impact, squashes arguments, and creates understanding & connection!

As each of us navigates the waters of “feelings” how we express them we find ourselves in sticky situations of confrontation, regret, and disconnect! What if we took a new look at the way in which we connect to our emotions creating new conversations about how we feel our way through the experience of growth and communicate on a whole new level?

This unique “Emotions Series” teaches youth the importance of self-regulation, the power of effective emotional communication, and resilience to build strong, confident bonds of connection in the future!

There are 8 New Programs to Experience!

  1. Topic One: Confidence
  2. Topic Two: Surprise
  3. Topic Three: Sadness
  4. Topic Four: Fear
  5. Topic Five: Happiness
  6. Topic Six: Connection
  7. Topic Seven: Anger
  8. Topic Eight: Grief

Each one is sold separately and can be purchased at your own pace!

Each family gets:

  • A “My Emotions” Workbook PDF
  • The “Emotions Matter” Teachable Webinar – that fits the topic purchased
  • 30 min- Ask the Coach Discovery Session with Coach Heather


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