Our Services

We are very proud to be able to offer you a variety of Coaching support services!

It all starts with a “Discovery Session”… this is place for you and I to get to know a little more about what makes you tick! All services are offered through a secure conference call meeting place in Zoom and allows you and I to truly get to know each other by discussion & video conferencing.

 Below you will find a brief description of the services I offer both online and offsite. This will give you an idea of the services available to you inside of the umbrella of care that we provide here at The Chronicles of Momma Mac and beyond!

When you click the more button it will take you to the booking page to schedule the most suitable time for us to meet up!

See you in session!


Individual Session

One on One – 

Discovery Call Hour Long Consultation

*Program Rates Available*

This individualized session is designed to create that space for you to independently and actively introduce a new direction of change and expansion in your life.

Group Workshops

Exclusive Group Self Development & Team Building Programs (3 hrs)



A variety of Self Development Offerings can be tailor made to suit the needs of your association, business group or workplace to empower growth & discovery.

Wellness Information Sessions

Community Gatherings- Wellness Takeaways

Lunch & Learns

*Based On Session Takeaway*

Join me as we discover a variety of ways to set up healthy eating & living techniques that empower a positive "Wellness Story!

Online Wellness Education

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Offering Online Exclusive Wellness Courses to Educate, Empower & Explore!

Read More... We know your busy and we know that sometimes- you just have to do things on your own terms! That is why we offer a variety of entry level educational programs that will raise your spirit, stimulate your mind & expand your soul! Check them out...

Juice Plus Wellness

This year I introduced Juice Plus Supplements & Towers to my family and I have not looked back!

100% Pure Whole Food


Life Changing

Changing The Health Conversation Forever!

Empowerment Membership

Are you longing to belong?

Looking for spiritual growth & support?

Feeling a strong connection to the Moon Cycles & Stirrings to Grow Personally?

Read More... Awaken By Heather is designed to open your mind, body and spirit! This exclusive Membership offers you a variety of self discovery takeaways, monthly Indigenous healing takeaways, Sound Therapy healing, Guided Meditation, Moon Ritual, Oracle Card Readings, Connection and More!
This is the Tribe to belong too...

“The most important things about taking control of your Life & Wellness Story is showing up daily for yourself in ways that you have always craved. The healing begins when we truly see what needs to be changed and take action to do it… for no one other than ourselves!”

“I can do that with the tools I take & learn from The Chronicles of Momma Mac and Heather as a Mentor and Coach!”

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