Scattered to Focused- An Emotional Walk…

Scattered to Focused- An Emotional Walk…

What if I told you that maybe your current beliefs of self and the world around you were actually based in a foundation of experiences that have played out in our lives… so if you have had a magical upbringing filled with positive experiences then you could very well be living a very wonderful life.

Alternatively, if your experiences of life have been made up with challenge, trauma, fear or less than experiences and currently have been faced with a foundation of less than experiences, struggle, fear, staleness and unfulfillment. 

I am here to validate the soul in you that this is all normal! That your voice, feelings and willingness to explore your experiences is going to be the launching point to the greatest “fullest & authentic” version of yourself to build your own independent and individual foundation of life to build from this moment forward!

In September 2020, we started the conversation of our Soul 2 Soul Healing Circle with this “topic of creation” in mind! If you are in the hunt for activating your soul and purpose… this is a great starting point to understanding how and where you can fully show up in your world! It explores the reasons why we are “who we are” and how we can “fully stretch” into the person we have always been meant to be!

Hope you Enjoy! 

And if you want to take it further than simply click below to set up an appointment to discuss our personal  programming to create the pathways to make this happen!

Can you relate?


Welcome to our Online Wellness Studio! Heather is an Indigenous Life & Wellness Coach that works with individuals, and groups to provide healing space for them to transform fear into truth, action into habits creating the clarity for personal power. She has also developed and facilitated many community outreach programs built to support connection, wellness, and spirit to enhance the growth and development of healthy core beliefs. Her programs are available to both youth and adults in the effort to fully transform personal wellness, mental health, trauma, pain, and loss of personal self. She uses a variety of teaching modalities that are deeply enhanced by her Indigenous roots of healing and connection to mind, body, soul, and peoples.

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