Personal Coaching & Healing Supports

One on One Coach Discovery Sessions

Your health and wellness matter. These open sessions provide you the opportunity express, expand and implement healthy change for your personal growth and development.

International Women's Day Retreat Event 2020

This very special Community Offering has been designed to truly explore the importance of self care, connection, self discovery & healing in an effort to fully EMPOWER the Greatness Inside of you, woman, sister & powerhouse!

Youth Community Support

Every child matters and every person has a story playing out in their live. As a Community Support Coach in your establishment you are bringing another level of connection to your community! Spark a conversation today!

Youth & Teen Self Development Supports

Little Bear Healing Circle

Designed for children age 5- 6 yrs this circle series explores the magic of imagination, creation and connection. This series is a 3-week empowerment. Local location will vary!

**Next Session is May 2020**

Paw Prints Development Circle

Designed for children age 7-12 yrs this circle series explores and encourages self regulation, confidence & independence. This is a 3- week series of empowerment.
Local locations will vary!

**Next session is Jan 2020**

Eagle Wing Creators

Designed for ages 13-17 yrs this creators group explores and encourages resilience, communication, practical problem solving and peer support to cultivate independence & expansion.
This is a 3-week series.
Local locations will vary!

**Next session is Mar 2020**

Youth Educational Wellness & Self Discovery- The Travelling Workshop Talk Series

The "No More Whispers" Series

More often than not our youth are forced to face major life crisis and overwhelm alone... not because they don't have support, but because they are not sure how to truly activate the chains of understanding. The secretly deal or get lost in the silence out of fear!
Not here! We address the foundation of rising up, leaning in and learning to speak with wisdom & resilience!
**This is an educational series available for assemblies and organizations supporting youth and wellness.**

The "I AM" Workshop

Possibly the most powerful words anyone can speak!
Who are you seems like a reasonable question in the world we live in... but have you ever really looked into the eyes of a child as they strain to answer this question from their ever forming brains?

Why? Because as a society we have conditioned them to question their most constant, knowledgeable source and that is their soul. This special workshop series speaks to the power of connection, how to find it, recognize it and strengthen it!
**This is an educational series available for assemblies and organizations supporting youth and wellness.**

"Becoming Me" Wellness Series

There are so many things to consider inside of the minds, body and spirit of the children around us!
They are tested daily and expected to navigate the emotional, social, physical and mental experiences flying at them at warp speed from the world we live in!
Becoming me is setup to deliver an understanding and awareness to Wellness & Balance. It's an introduction to Healthy Boundaries and an Interactive Adventure around Emotions, Expectations & Growth!
**This is an educational series available for assemblies and organizations supporting youth & wellness.**

Community Wellness & Talking Series - Travelling Speaking Series

Mental Health & Wellness

Does our Nutrition actually impact our Mental Health?
Yes, it does! This exclusive series is meant to open a conversation of support and education around the importance of nurturing our bodies from the inside out!

Price varies based on venue.

Woman's Natural Health Talk

In a land of opinions, how do we quiet our minds to hear what is desperately needed in our worlds. This exclusive series is a gateway to giving voice to women of all ages. From our minds to our bodies we will explore all the ways to awaken our Inner Goddess Energy and Support our Health on all levels.
Price varies based on venue

Bouncing Back After Crisis

Let's face it... we have all been there at some point! Suddenly you wake up and your trying to put back the pieces of the world around you that has fallen apart. Whether it is by health, relationship or crisis at some point you will face this. This is an open talk series about how to find your starting point, your next step and your reminder!

Price varies based on venue

Community Offerings & Wellness Event Series

Healthy Nutrition Discovery Sessions

Opening the conversation around the power of foods, our diet and our Wellness Story that support healthy living. This is a great employee wellness support program to increase awareness & healthy living.

Group Workshop

Offering a team building and awareness workshop to organizations & business to empower healthy living self discovery.

Mental Health Discovery Sessions

Opening the conversation around the importance of self care, healthy lifestyle and emotional balance of life's weights as a means of support and knowledge for healthy living.

Mindfulness & Meditation

This exclusive series is a full body healing journey. Guests will be encouraged to surrender to release while participating in a healing circle talk & then be guided into deep relaxation meditation created to clear & cleanse their energetic fields by using a variety of sound healing techniques.

Prices vary based on venue

Stamp out Anxiety

Everyone has a "Critter Brain" that get's all fired up when we find ourselves in situations of doubt... this creates fear and the anxiety of "what will" over takes "what is"!
Join me as we practice mindful and creative ways that actually help us process these feelings, experiences and situations and with practice will literally Stamp Out This Anxiety Reaction in your Life.

Prices vary based on venue

From Panic 2 Peace

As a survivor of PTSD & Panic Disorder I can totally relate to the pure and utter despair that you find yourself in. Without the proper supports and guidance this world claims lives and leaves destruction in the aftermath.

I want to have a real talk about how we can fight to survive and how we can come to live in a world of peace once we appropriately addressed the pain that has brought us here!

Prices vary based on venue

Heather McIntyre

I cannot wait to connect with you! I am so excited to be able to show up and be of service to you as you claim your Wellness Journey as your own!

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