Living Life On Your Own Terms

Taking the vision and creating an opportunity to explore!

Personal Coaching & Healing Supports

One on One Coach Discovery Sessions

Your health and wellness matter. These open sessions provide you the opportunity express, expand and implement healthy change for your personal growth and development.

From Panic to Peace
Online Anxiety Management Program 2020

Are you struggling with Anxiety or Fear?

Your not alone, especially now many are finding it hard to cope. Heather has designed an exclusive online 4-week Anxiety Workshop to help give you the coping skills and regulation that you need to take control again!

Let's Talk Multi Session Pass with Coach Heather

Looking for a little more time with Coach Heather?
Why not purchase multi session pass that gives you 4- 45 minute sessions to explore things a little more!

Online Community Wellness & Mental Health Support Programs 2020

RESCUE- Rising Above First Responder/Frontline Trauma

Just because you show up and shoulder the world does not mean that you have to shoulder the pain of those exposure wounds!

When we continually expose our brains and bodies with repetitive trauma as a result of high stress environments the potential of being overcome by trauma is a series risk that literally turns worlds upside down and turns our hero's into victims in the blink of an eye!

RESCUE- Rising Above First Responder/Frontline Trauma has been designed to open the door of communication for decompression, compassion and validation This program is designed to introduce a variety of main stream therapies for coping, self regulation and mastery that allows individuals to move through the cycles of trauma into healing and back into fully being engaged and connected in their life!

Community Support Gatherings

Are you or your workers, communities or organizations currently feeling the overwhelm and stress of today's COVID Crisis?

Maybe you are noticing that people within your organization or business are not coping well with the stress to perform and fear of illness!
Some ways this can show up is:
- Increased Irritability
- Decline in Production
- Increased Silence or Isolation
- On edge, jumpy and reactive
- Decline in physical appearance
- Concern of Addictions
Now more than ever the effects of "isolation" & "unknown" is impacting our daily living in deeper ways! As a Community Support Coach Heather is able to open the conversation online weekly with your group or to allow for acknowledgement, support and healing to take place.
** Sometimes the change of power comes with the spark of connection!**

REWARD- Thriving within Fear

Let's face it... the world as we know it has changed as business and personal life collide and we are expected to face new social and economical risks in order to survive inside of a pandemic it is important to recognize and create a safe space for your company to explore and manage the Mental Health & Wellness strain that your employee's are facing each day.

REWARD- Corporate Group Wellness & Mental Health Support Program has been designed to open the door of communication for decompression, compassion and validation This program is designed to introduce a variety of main stream therapies for coping, self regulation and mastery that allows individuals to move through the cycles of stress, worry and anxiety into a place of personal regulation, balance and healing that leads them back into fully being engaged and connected in their life and workplace!

Who I AM Discovery Workshop

Are you feeling lost or stuck right now... maybe you have made some big moves to find happiness and desire only to feel exactly like you did before?

In most cases we are programmed to look for gratification, acceptance and contentment through our transactions in the world and through the eyes of others. This set's us up for countless opportunities of disappointment, frustration and despair.

What if you could get back to the basics... before you bought into all of the stories of who the world thinks you should be, back before you shut off your own inner voice & confident to find out that life and living it on your own terms can not only be liberating but profoundly satisfying in all ways!

As a result, your confidence soared, your relationship with others transformed and your drive to embrace every day with passion excitement was no longer you had to pretend to try on!!!

2020 Youth & Teen Mental Health & Wellness Online Support Programs

Paw Prints Online Discovery Camp

***June 2020 wasn't supposed to look like this!
With the world at a halt and everything normal cancelled our children are now faced with a new set of expectations for connection, self regulation and coping!
Everything we are feeling- they too are up against with less of an understanding of "why"!

In this 5 week Self Discovery Program children are introduced to healthy ways to find peace, express feelings, learn balance and resilience while cultivating their own personal power!
It all starts June 1st and space is limited!

Rugged- The Online Youth Resilience & Wellness Hour

This 5- Week program is designed to offer space for connection and community to Youth aged 13-19 years old currently trying to find peace, comfort and regulation in this COVID Crisis!

Life no longer looks like it did and with stress and anxiety. There is no denying the pressure is rising and everyone needs a safe, secure place to fully release & expand.

Expanding your Emotional First Aid Kit is a strong Coping gift that you can carry forward into your future!
Hurry, space is limited to age group and we start June 1, 2020!

Customer Review

I am so very blessed to have worked with so many beautiful people on their journey to heal and expand in their lives!

The fact that they allow me into the deepest, vulnerable parts of themselves to hold safe, sacred space and shine light is profound and an absolute honor!

I am blessed to offer service in all of the following area’s and I am here for you should you decide that you are ready to make changes. If one of these topics stir something deep inside of you then it is our time to shine the light of healing into your world!

Because of my Life Story, I am able to bring a deep understanding, background, knowledge, and training in the following areas:
Pain & Trauma
Wellness Recovery
Wellness & Lifestyle Discovery
Weight Loss & Weight Management
Grief & Loss
Youth & Teenage Self Empowerment
Self Discovery & Wound Healing
Mindfulness & Mediation
Growth & Development

*** If you are in need or you know of someone who could benefit from the gift of a One on One Coaching or Wellness support and your ready to be held and empowered with understanding, expansion & accountabilty then let’s talk***

You matter & I am here to shine the light!

Heather- aka Momma Mac


"Heather is able to take you to a deep place of healing and understanding in every magical journey and workshop she shares... in the last few years she has helped me to truly claim the power of my soul, remember who I was and change what no longer works with me. She writes every teaching she shares- she is guided by her ancestors and has a profound inner knowing of exactly where you need to go... and takes you there in every meditation, self discovery session and workshop. I literally walk away with yet another reminder of the woman I was, I am and I want to be!


My experience was absolutely amazing ! I would recommend this to anyone, heather is inspiring and motivational. She taught me so much on how to let go, forgive and just be more aware of myself. She is an absolutely amazing person and has a way to make you feel so calm and safe and able to open up and it was honestly magical 🙂 I did a woman’s day session that she ran and even experiencing it with all the other amazing woman that came was truly life changing❤️ If you are feeling like you need some inspiration and the kick in the right direction to start feeling better about YOU this is the place to go! I can’t thank you enough heather for that experience and I truly look forward to seeing you in the future


"When I came to Heather, I was in a very dark and lonely place. My anxiety and depression was overtaking my world and I just didn't know what way to turn... Together we worked the 12 week I AM Program and life has never been better. I healed something very deep in those sessions- I learned that I was and am always worth claiming and today... I live fully with less relapse into my less than patterns of the past. She get's you, she hears you and she truly gives you the space to hear and grow.”


"I came to Heather to help me get a handle on my Wellness Story. For years I battled my weight, the story of wellness that had been fed to me and the judgement that had been passed down to me. Together we are reworking my story, changing my habits and I am currently 30 lbs lighter because of it, feeling more confident and truly excited for the first time in my young life! Heather is AWESOME- cause she just knows where you have been! She listens to me like no one else has ever done and for that I am so Thankful!”

Mary- Elizabeth

I first met momma Mac at the vision board building event on January 9, 2020. As a person who suffers from a mild form of social anxiety I was very unsure about what to expect at the event. Momma Mac instantly came up to me and introduced herself and picked up on my uneasiness and made me feel welcomed, relaxed and me feel very comfortable. While at the event she taught us how to centre ourselves and focus on the now and open ourselves up to the universe, Momma Mac also offered a cleansing of our energy if we so chose. I took her up on the opportunity as I have felt for a long time as if I was cursed. After the energy cleanse I had felt an immediate change and shift in my energy, I felt lighter and more well free in my thoughts and mood. Momma Mac is a wonderful woman, who has a wonderful spirit and soul, she truly cares for people and loves to be able to help anyone in need. It is my personal opinion that momma knows what she is doing and only wants the best for people. If you have a chance to meet Momma Mac or got one one of her events I highly recommend it, you will walk away feeling blessed to be who you are and very lucky to have met such a wonderful, kind caring, special, blessed person and soul. Thank you Momma Mac for coming into my life.


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