How to Unstick the Stuck!
Healing Your Inner Child

How to Unstick the Stuck!

Too many times in life, we find ourselves at the crossroads… fully over the obstacle we have faced with confidence or struggle- may be exhausted or elated at how far we have come. Then it hits, that awkward in-between… that space in the middle of rising up, falling back or unable to move out of fear of what it will take to do any of these things!

What if for a moment you could pause and observe all of the moving parts in this moment. What would you see? What has your past story loop dictated the outcome would be? Have you been here before? What can you possibly do to ensure that you no longer keep this cycle of replay in motion and step into new ways of braving the beauty in the new beginnings ahead.

I know, sometimes it just feels better to stay with what you know cause you can anticipate what is next and brace for the impact of what is yet to come! The problem lies in the tool that this “negative loop” takes on not only your mind but your body and your spirit! Repetitive trauma leads to lack of, depression, injury and health conditions. So… if you had just one step you could make to “shift” this reaction what do you see that being?

Sit with that for a few moments! This is where your personal power starts to shine through… sometimes the truth of the current situations is nothing like your “critter brain” makes it seem. Our brain is a powerful tool that is designed to operate many things… there are actually 3 parts of our brain that regulate many different reactions, responses, and opportunities to process your life experiences.

Changing the habits and loops of the past to better your future expectations and experiences is such a profound accomplishment and commitment. So how do you get “unstuck” you are probably asking?

Here are a few things to get you started:

  1. Invest in a journal and start to document all of the ways in which you are showing up in your world- this is a safe place to “brain dump” all of your accomplishments, hiccups, and roadblocks. Remember* honesty is power!
  2. Invest in the professional services of a Life & Wellness Coach who can help you navigate the waters of what comes up and help you clarify your “why” to what you’re dealing with.
  3. Find an anchor of hope and power to ground you into your goal and help you stay the course when roadblocks come up. Part of the journey is to accept that there will be situations that arise that sideswipe you in this process… it is normal, it is really part of the healing process and allows you space & courage to shift the patterns.
  4. Remember to breathe, to accept, and to just be in the moment. Find times to create space to just be and experience all that is around you.. look how far you have come!

Heather McIntyre is a Life & Wellness Coach that works with individuals to help them navigate fear, anxiety, loss, pain, grief or personal trauma that is stopping them in their tracks and holding them back from living their best lives.


Welcome to our Online Wellness Studio! Heather is an Indigenous Life & Wellness Coach that works with individuals, and groups to provide healing space for them to transform fear into truth, action into habits creating the clarity for personal power. She has also developed and facilitated many community outreach programs built to support connection, wellness, and spirit to enhance the growth and development of healthy core beliefs. Her programs are available to both youth and adults in the effort to fully transform personal wellness, mental health, trauma, pain, and loss of personal self. She uses a variety of teaching modalities that are deeply enhanced by her Indigenous roots of healing and connection to mind, body, soul, and peoples.

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