Remembering the Why…

Remembering the Why…

I will win, not immediately, but definitely!- Anonymous

Where did you go? How is it that it has taken this long to finally find my soul?
For many years I have walked the earth inside a pocket of pain and a bubble of terror... many moons ago I learned how to "shrink small" and fly through the experiences of life weaving the story aka illusion that all was well in my world!

Truth is, it wasn't... I was cold, I was broken, I was shattered and I was weak!
The cost of spinning the story of perfection was actually causing my life to crumble... I didn't know how I got here, but I knew for sure that I wanted out!!

What was it like to breathe without physical restriction and fear of what was next?
What did it look like to actually see abundance, safety and success as a possible goal to reach for?
What was that throbbing in my throat and fire in my chest longing for connection?
Who might I become... I don't know because I was always told that I wouldn't amount to much... I didn't reach for what I wanted because that meant that the world would see me, I would be exposed, fully living and vulnerable and I had spent that last 30 years running like hell pretending I was nothing cause it was easier and safer then showing my true potential and risk getting hurt even harder this time!

Back to that aching, that longing and that calling from my soul...
Where have you been it asked?
I ran away in fear I said...
Are you ready to come home it asked?
with all my heart I AM Ready to fully come home!
Well it's about time beautiful... the world needs your light and it's your time to shine!

I remember my soul's purpose now... I have done my healing work, transformed my life and now I am holding the light for others like me to rise up and reclaim their world!
-Coach Heather- Indigenous Life & Wellness Coach Oct 2020


Welcome to our Online Wellness Studio! Heather is an Indigenous Life & Wellness Coach that works with individuals, and groups to provide healing space for them to transform fear into truth, action into habits creating the clarity for personal power. She has also developed and facilitated many community outreach programs built to support connection, wellness, and spirit to enhance the growth and development of healthy core beliefs. Her programs are available to both youth and adults in the effort to fully transform personal wellness, mental health, trauma, pain, and loss of personal self. She uses a variety of teaching modalities that are deeply enhanced by her Indigenous roots of healing and connection to mind, body, soul, and peoples.

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