Creating Space in Community...

When I started this journey I never imagined the doors of opportunity that would open magically just because I stood in the power of my soul!!! My journey to get here and the daily experiences I walk through have certainly been filled with a so many fragments of learning, hurting, undoing, releasing and self reflecting... it has made me a stronger woman, mother, wife and leader in so many powerful ways! Speaking truthfully... it has launched my Wellness Practice in so many different directions and has literally transformed my mission to give people voice into a tribe of awakened souls rooted firmly to lead with confidence, greatness and connection to creating the next new adventures that life has to offer!

You have given me so much!!! My heart is full and I am dedicated to continue to bring awareness, connection and community for many years to come! As a result of that intention I have been blessed to have participated and share so many offerings... below you will find some of those special shares and on the next page you will be able to explore some of the special projects we have sponsored and media showcases we have been asked to contribute too!
So much love and gratitude in my heart!
Coach Heather

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