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Whether you are an individual seeking support, a group looking for connection or a business looking to provide mental health services to your establishment we have you covered! All you have to do is simply click or call! 

There is no denying that “how” we do anything is “how” we do everything in life. 

In most cases I find that so many “broken/bruised” loops of wounding/overwhelm start filtering into the other main things in our life like health, relationships, career, money and that which is greater whether we intend it too or not when we turn in fear/avoidance!


There is no denying that it catches up with us… we weren’t built to operate in this way and withstand repetitive trauma/stress.

 “What if” instead of working with “life on life’s terms” we faced it head on and created a “life” of truth with confidence & acceptance allowing us to show up fully… exactly as we are… No exceptions, no judgement!

Now, that’s a powerful place to explore!

– Coach Heather of The Chronicles of Momma Mac-

A Peek Inside The Chronicles of Momma Mac


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