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Customer Review

I am so very blessed to have worked with so many beautiful people on their journey to heal and expand in their lives!

The fact that they allow me into the deepest, vulnerable parts of themselves to hold safe, sacred space and shine light is profound and an absolute honor!

I am blessed to offer service in all of the following area’s and I am here for you should you decide that you are ready to make changes. If one of these topics stir something deep inside of you then it is our time to shine the light of healing into your world!

Because of my Life Story, I am able to bring a deep understanding, background, knowledge, and training in the following areas:
Pain & Trauma
Wellness Recovery
Wellness & Lifestyle Discovery
Weight Loss & Weight Management
Grief & Loss
Youth & Teenage Self Empowerment
Self Discovery & Wound Healing
Mindfulness & Mediation
Growth & Development

*** If you are in need or you know of someone who could benefit from the gift of a One on One Coaching or Wellness support and your ready to be held and empowered with understanding, expansion & accountabilty then let’s talk***

You matter & I am here to shine the light!

Heather- aka Momma Mac


"Heather is able to take you to a deep place of healing and understanding in every magical journey and workshop she shares... in the last few years she has helped me to truly claim the power of my soul, remember who I was and change what no longer works with me. She writes every teaching she shares- she is guided by her ancestors and has a profound inner knowing of exactly where you need to go... and takes you there in every meditation, self discovery session and workshop. I literally walk away with yet another reminder of the woman I was, I am and I want to be!


"When I came to Heather, I was in a very dark and lonely place. My anxiety and depression was overtaking my world and I just didn't know what way to turn... Together we worked the 12 week I AM Program and life has never been better. I healed something very deep in those sessions- I learned that I was and am always worth claiming and today... I live fully with less relapse into my less than patterns of the past. She get's you, she hears you and she truly gives you the space to hear and grow.”


"I came to Heather to help me get a handle on my Wellness Story. For years I battled my weight, the story of wellness that had been fed to me and the judgement that had been passed down to me. Together we are reworking my story, changing my habits and I am currently 30 lbs lighter because of it, feeling more confident and truly excited for the first time in my young life! Heather is AWESOME- cause she just knows where you have been! She listens to me like no one else has ever done and for that I am so Thankful!”

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